My Dinner with Anton


My Dinner with Anton
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ISBN: 9781901557312
A 19th century Russian Orthodox monk and a contemporary charismatic-evangelical meet for dinner. The subject of conversation is the extraordinary St Seraphim of Sarov, a wild hermit who lived much of his life two hundred years ago in the dense Russian forests and in whom both spirualities can find a worthy exemplar. "My Dinner with Anton" is the first account by a non-Orthodox Christian of this intriguing Russian saint and its fast moving dialogue conveys the relevance of St Seraphim's teaching to modern Western spirituality. It may not be practical to be a hermit in today's world but anyone can have the heart of a hermit. This book shows that the spiritual path of St Seraphim is still a viable one. Includes practical spiritual exercises for individuals or groups. 119178 Paul Wallis

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