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Mussar Yoga: Blending an Ancient Jewish Spiritual Practice with Yoga to Transform Body and Soul

by Edith R. Brotman, PhD , Edith R. Brotman PhD RYT-500

Mussar Yoga: Blending an Ancient Jewish Spiritual Practice with Yoga to Transform Body and Soul
Publication date: 2014-05-30
Number of pages: 150
ISBN: 9781580237840

An accessible introduction to an embodied spiritual practice for anyone seeking profound and lasting self-transformation.

"Mussar practice aims to help us become more whole in our lives. It is focused on helping us move from partialness or even brokenness toward wholeness. Yoga embodies a similar concept.... By marrying Mussar practice and yoga practice, this book opens a new pathway to developing greater wholeness.... The wholeness that comes of our efforts in turn affects both body and soul, and we experience the fruit of our efforts in the form of inner peace."
―from the Foreword

In this clear and easy-to-use introduction to Mussar Yoga―a blending of Jewish and Eastern spiritual practices―you will learn how to explore the physical dimension of ethical behaviors and attitudes such as humility, generosity, enthusiasm and gratitude through yoga poses and the yogic practice of breath work. Intended for the novice as well as the yoga expert, and for people of all faiths, each exercise is accompanied by step-by-step instructions, helpful photographs, mantras and journaling exercises.

With practice, Mussar Yoga can help free you from bad habits and self-destructive behavior, increase your capacity for compassion and acts of goodness, and help you develop a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

Edith R. Brotman, PhD, Edith R. Brotman PhD RYT-500

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