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Music by Heart: Paperless Songs for Evening Worship

by N/A , Church Publishing

Music by Heart: Paperless Songs for Evening Worship
Publication date: 2008-07-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9780898695908
Simple, beautiful songs for worship, readily accessible to singers in any size congregation. Includes songs in unison, simple harmony parts, and rounds; most can be sung unaccompanied. Specifically geared to evening and night-time liturgies, often the times of choice for alternative worship, though many can be used at other times. Original music by variety of composers, written to be taught by rote and sung without printed music. Includes teaching notes to help the lead musician be successful. The contributors to this songbook are committed to encouraging a new sacred folk music - music that we can teach to and sing with one another without a hymnal or a piece of paper in our hands. This original music is simple and repetitive, yet holds incredible depth. It allows congregations to become communal music-makers, learning to sing and improvise together in a vital way.N/A, Church Publishing