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Music and Vital Congregations: A Practical Guide for Clergy

by William Bradley Roberts

Music and Vital Congregations: A Practical Guide for Clergy
Publication date: 2009-09-01
ISBN: 9780898696233

Congregations that are alive and vibrant have vital music programs. How did they get that way? There are sensible and practical steps to develop such a program which begins with a clear vision of the end product.

This new book addresses the many interrelated issues of defining and embracing the leadership role in the church music program that is required of clergy in parish ministry and essential for a healthy congregation.

Clergy and musicians work toward the same goals; however, clergy are trained differently from musicians. How does this fact impact their relationship, and how can they learn to work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect? The practical issues of employment can be addressed more effectively in this atmosphere.

If one is looking for the right musician for the parish, what qualities does one seek? How does one find such a rare and gifted individual? A successful search complete, how does the clergyperson work harmoniously with the music leader?

This book provides a blueprint for:

• Developing a vision for music in your parish

• Locating a musician who is a partner in ministry

• How music comes and goes in the church’s repertoire

• Moving from musician as performer to musician as pastor

William Bradley Roberts