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Moment to Moment: The Transformative Power of Everyday Life

by Amy Sander Montanez

Moment to Moment: The Transformative Power of Everyday Life
Publication date: 2013-09-30
Number of pages: 224
ISBN: 9780819228796
• Accessible book regarding discernment and vocation for the laity
• Can be used for individual or small group study
• By an experienced counselor, award-winning communicator, and a popular workshop/retreat leader

This book is about transformation—spiritual, life-changing transformation available to you right now. It is divided into four sections—Inner Work, Holy Ground, Sabbath, and Community and Vocation—and uses stories of simple life experiences to explore the ways in which we experience the transformative process. Readers of this book also will learn to appreciate how, when we are transformed, the world is transformed. Isn’t that the Gospel, after all?Amy Sander Montanez

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