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Mary of Nazareth

by Jenny Robertson;

Mary of Nazareth
Publication date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages: 126
ISBN: 9782895071761
By any account, Mary was a remarkable person. This is a moving and engaging exploration of the role of Mary of Nazareth in the Christian story. Jenny Robertson presents the story of a young unmarried girl who becomes the mother of Jesus and thus a role model for both men and women in their journey to God.

Robertson examines the spiritual legacy of Mary: unconditional love, physical poverty, spiritual wealth and humble trust in God. This reflection on the life of Mary presents the fragments of her life that can be taken from the biblical record. Robertson's gift as a writer is her ability to take these fragments and trace their impact through history to our own often troubled and conflicted times.

"Like Peter, like Paul, Mary the disciple is an example for all Christians. She belongs to the nitty-gritty of everyday life, not merely to the stained-glass window or the Christmas card."

Mary's life becomes especially meaningful to those who have suffered heartbreak in their own lives. This book about her is one that readers will ponder deeply in their hearts.

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