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Mary: Jesus' Mother--and Ours (Six Weeks with the Bible)

Mary: Jesus' Mother--and Ours (Six Weeks with the Bible)

In Mary: Jesus' Mother--and Ours, we look at six episodes from Mary's life in the Gospels of Luke and John: the annunciation, visit to Elizabeth, the birth of Jesus, the encounter in the Temple, the wedding at Cana, and Jesus' death on the Cross. Author Kevin Perotta also delves into some areas of Mary's life not explicitly covered in the Gospels, such as her birth free of original sin, her assumption into heaven, and her maternal role in the family of Jesus' followers. All of this comes together to gives us a distinct sense of Mary as a person.

For busy adults who want to study the Bible but don't know where to begin, Six Weeks with the Bible provides an inviting starting point. Each guide is divided into six concise, 90-minute segments that introduce one book of the Bible. All biblical text is printed in the guides, which means no additional study aids are required.

Kevin Perrotta
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