Mailbox Ministry: Greeting Cards That Share the Faith


Mailbox Ministry: Greeting Cards That Share the Faith
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ISBN: 9780819223074
Mailbox Ministry provides all the tools for religious card-making: projects, patterns, step-by-step instructions, and inspirational messages (including biblical verses, poems, and inspirational phrases) for all occasions and audiences, adults as well as children. It includes stories and tips for starting up and maintaining a parish card ministry. The book, similar in format to Knitting Into the Mystery; Fabric of Faith; Bead One, Pray Too; and Pages of Faith, combines inspirational stories with hands-on strategies, ideas, and how-to s. There are a variety of card designs from simple to more elaborate, for crafters of all abilities and ages. More than 50 separate greeting cards are fully illustrated in color and photographs throughout the book. Also included are complete materials lists, card-making tips, mailing guidelines, and a glossary. 157433 Sue Banker

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