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Magdalene Mystique: Living the Spirituality of Mary Today

by Betty Conrad Adam

Magdalene Mystique: Living the Spirituality of Mary Today
Publication date: 2006-10-01
Number of pages: 128
ISBN: 9780819222312
The early Christians formed communities to follow the risen Jesus.
One such community wrote down its gospel story, but sometime in
those early years, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene disappeared.

In the late nineteenth century, it surfaced in the Cairo marketplace, and today, contemporary
Christians are embracing the message of this Magdalene Gospel.

The Magdalene Mystique invites readers into the spiritual life of an
actual community that celebrates Mary Magdalene as mystic and
visionary, beloved companion of Jesus, and first witness to the
resurrection. Following Mary’s gospel, the community seeks to
embody an ethos of equality and justice.

With historic background based on the scholarship of prominent
researchers including Karen King and Jane Schaberg, plus
prayers, liturgies, and real-life stories, this is a powerful book for
group study and private devotion.Betty Conrad Adam