Lord's Prayer Cube

by Illustrated by Craig Cameron

Lord's Prayer Cube
Publication date: 2012-01-01
ISBN: 9780715142929
This full-colour and robust cube is the perfect way to help children engage with one of the key prayers of the Christian faith. Designed for children between four and eight years of age, it can be used during a church service or at home as a fun way of helping children learn and appreciate the Lord's Prayer. It is easy-to-use, fun, colourful and tactile.


What do you get when you cross the Lords Prayer, a book, and a cube?… The Lord's Prayer cube! It’s a hands on, impossible-to-put down, way of learning the Lord’s Prayer. It folds in and around itself with pictures on all sides.

My little brother can't get his hands of it, my baby sister just loves the pictures, and my mum says it reminds her of a Rubix cube. My favourite side of the cube is the one that helps us choose whether to go God’s way or do our own thing (I choose God’s way). Happy Cubing!

--Joseph Bullivant, age 8

Forthcoming: Order it now. This product will be available on the 2012/01/01.

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