Living with the Psalms

by Karen Hamilton

Living with the Psalms
Publication date: 2012-03-31
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896464005

Reading, praying and, singing the Psalms – and experiencing God through them – help us maintain our deep trust and faith in God.

Living with the Psalms looks at the Psalms and answers questions regarding their origins, history and meaning. The booklet explores several key Psalms in more depth to enrich readers’ experience and prayer. Living with the Psalms makes it easy and meaningful to use the Psalms to pray and to connect with these unique poetic devotions in times of trouble and joy alike.

The Living with… series is designed to strengthen spiritual practice in the daily life of busy contemporary Catholics. By offering moments for prayer and meditation, along with nuggets of valuable information, each booklet answers the many questions thoughtful Catholics have about living a faith-filled life in today’s relentlessly secular world.

A practical, accessible and comprehensive series covering Catholic traditions and their role in finding grace in everyday life.

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