Living with the Prayers of the Mass

by Bernadette Gasslein

Living with the Prayers of the Mass
Publication date: 2013-04-15
Number of pages: 32
ISBN: 9782896464371

The revision of the Roman Missal renewed people’s awareness of the various parts of the Mass.
Many of us wondered why the changes were made and the meaning behind them.

Renowned liturgical theologian, Bernadette Gasslein, provides insight into the new prayers and illuminates the symbols of the Mass to help us pray the Liturgy more fully.

"Beautifully written and very easy to understand, this book is a prayer in itself. It calls me to grow in love and service of God." -Patricia J.

The Living with… series is designed to strengthen spiritual practice in the daily life of busy contemporary Catholics. By offering moments for prayer and meditation, along with nuggets of valuable information, each booklet answers the many questions thoughtful Catholics have about living a faith-filled life in today’s relentlessly secular world.

A practical, accessible and comprehensive series covering Catholic traditions and their role in finding grace in everyday life.

Bernadette Gasslein has extensive experience in liturgy and catechetics at the local and national levels, and holds an S.T.L. from Institut Catholique de Paris. She is the Editor of the journal Worship.

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