Living on the Border

by Esther de Waal ,

Living on the Border
Publication date: 2011-09-05
Number of pages: 130
ISBN: 9781853119620
This has grown out of Esther's "Living on the Border", a small booklet in a series published in conjunction with Tymawr Convent in Monmouth, an Anglican religious community with which Esther has been involved for many years. It sold out and has been out of print for some time. This new, enlarged edition in a regular book format will open it up to a wider readership. A short text, yet it is vintage Esther. She draws on the ancient traditions of Celtic and monastic spirituality to explore thresholds between people, between cultures, between the human and the divine. Ancient spiritual wisdom teaches that thresholds are sacred places and Esther encourages readers to become more receptive to their surroundings and to learn to pause, reflect and meet God at the places of encounter and change in our lives.Esther de Waal, Esther De Waal

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