Living, Loving, Longing


Living, Loving, Longing
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ISBN: 9781853118043
A collection of poetry and prose, quotations and quips, humour, wisdom and spiritual insight for women of all ages. Wide ranging in its focus and contemporary in its concerns, it touches on: the ages and stages of a woman's life: childhood and youth, love, marriage, motherhood, family, work, maturity, a woman's loves: home and hospitality, friendship, creativity, creation, laughter, a woman's longings: spiritual growth, equality, justice, journey and pilgrimage, vocation, and fulfilment. It celebrates all the things that enrich women's lives, and at the same time gives voice to their articulate and passionate dreams for a fairer world. 151778 Pinsent & Poole, eds., Pat Pinsent, Myra Poole

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