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Living in Two Kingdoms

by David Adam

Living in Two Kingdoms
Publication date: 2009-03-01
Number of pages: 146
ISBN: 9780819223562
“As a youngster,” writes David Adam, “I always wanted to know more. I liked to climb the next hill and look around the next corner. My mother said I wanted to see the ‘back of beyond.’ I was never quite sure what she meant, but I was often aware of an otherness in the midst of what was plainly in view.”

David Adam believes that the kingdom of God is all around us—in the beauty and power of nature; in work and leisure; in the love we experience and offer to others. This book suggests that as we develop an awareness of the presence of heaven in each and every day, we will come to trust that death itself is nothing to fear. Illustrated
with simple line drawings, Living in Two Kingdoms contains many personal stories, anecdotes, prayers, and exercises.

Both visionary and engagingly down to earth, Living in Two Kingdoms helps us to recognize that the visible world of matter and the invisible world of spirit are not two worlds but one. We can be sure that whatever harsh reality we may have to face from time to time, the true reality is that we are never on our own. Because here and now—
whatever it may feel like—we are truly part of the kingdom of God.David Adam