Living Communion: Anglican Consultative Council Report


Living Communion: Anglican Consultative Council Report
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ISBN: 9780898695229
This official report of the thirteenth meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, held in June 2005 in Nottingham, England, includes texts of the Archbishop of Canterbury's presidential address, the daily record of the Council's proceedings, reports from throughout the Anglican Communion, and presentations by the Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Church of Canada providing a theological rationale for their consent to the election of a bishop living in a same-gender relationship, and the blessing of same-gender relationships, respectively. It includes:

  • Texts of Archbishop Rowan Williams' highly regarded daily Bible study presentations during the meeting;
  • Definitive record of proceedings, without filtering from news organizations, special interest groups, or commentators;
  • Full text of ECUSA and Anglican Church of Canada presentations.
156898 Rosenthal & Erdey, eds.

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