Living by Grace: An Anthology of Daily Readings

by Dinshaw & Webb , Pauline Webb, Nadir Dinshaw

Living by Grace: An Anthology of Daily Readings
Publication date: 2007-11-30
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781853118494
Offers a reading on the theme of grace for every day of the year. This book includes quotations that are drawn from poetry, spiritual writing, novels, autobiography, memoir, and wise sayings from the world's religious traditions..

Each month has its own focus: January: the meaning of Grace, February: Moments of Grace, March: Grace and Suffering, April: the Grace of Loving, May: the Grace of Compassion, June: the Grace of Giving, July: the Grace of Forgiving, August: the Grace of Choosing, September: our Lady of Grace, October: the Grace of Praying, November: Dying in Grace, December: the Grace of Waiting.

The breadth of material included reflects both a deep love of humanity and a passion not simply for reading, but for the power of wise words to illuminate and transform.Dinshaw & Webb, Pauline Webb, Nadir Dinshaw

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