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Liturgy for the Whole Church: Multigenerational Resources for Worship

by Susan K. Bock

Liturgy for the Whole Church: Multigenerational Resources for Worship
Publication date: 2008-09-01
Number of pages: 198
ISBN: 9780898696028
This fresh collection of group readings and simple dramas based on stories from Scripture, together with meditations, story-telling methodology and an instructed Eucharist, will help church leaders design liturgy for children and grownups who worship together.

1.  Introductory Material: practical background and instruction about organizing and arranging intergenerational worship, with special emphasis on children's needs.

2.  Seasonal Introductions: Themes and ideas for each liturgical season including collects, confessions, etc.

3.  Congregational Readings: simple group readings of  Scripture that engage both reader and people.

4.  Meditations: Quiet, imaginative reflections on scripture, or water, or fire, that lead listeners deep inside themselves, even at worship.

5.  Simple Dramas:  Biblical stories in which characters speak for themselves (martha and Mar, Mary and Elizabeth, Elijah and Elisha, etc.) to the worshipers; some are quite playful and some are more serious.

6.  Stories: biblical stories told very colorfully and simply, sometimes in the first person of a character in the story.

7.  Simple Sermons: simple, colorful, soulful, short sermons that even grownups can sit still for.

8.  Tableauxs Vivants: "Living Pictures"- how to do them, and several pieces written and staged.

9  Appendices:  Methods of storytelling and An instructed Eucharist

Susan K. Bock