Light on the Path: Guiding Symbols for Insight and Discernment


Light on the Path: Guiding Symbols for Insight and Discernment
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ISBN: 9780819232953
Dan Prechtel contends that the Holy One wants to—and often does—speak to us in language of powerful symbols from the depths of our individual and collective being. Symbols that emerge from our particular situations and are deeply connected with our spiritual tradition provide light on the path of our spiritual journey to illuminate our situation and give insight into God’s desire for us personally and in our common life. The book helps individual readers, small groups, spiritual directors, and counselors pay closer attention to those symbols that emerge from the deep source of wisdom and creativity within and around us to serve as guides.

Offering examples from his personal life as well as from professional experience as a spiritual guide, Prechtel explores a practical model of spiritual discernment and discusses how tools such as contemplative spiritual practices, exploring the wisdom of dream symbols, and participation in sacramental rituals all provide powerful symbols to guide the discernment process. He looks at varying contexts for discernment, from personal situations to global issues. There are questions for personal and group reflection throughout the book, along with additional examples of guided imagery meditations and further discussion on dream work at the end.

201497 Daniel L. Prechtel

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