Liberation Theology and Sexuality (Reclaiming Liberation Theology)


Liberation Theology and Sexuality (Reclaiming Liberation Theology)
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ISBN: 9780334041856
Marcella Althaus-Reid has drawn together a number of the most exciting Liberation Theologians currently working in Latin America and beyond whose work offers a wider and more complex critique of reality which is prepared to engage with issues of sexuality, race, gender, culture, globalization and new forms of popular piety. The contributors show that Christianity in Latin America cannot avoid taking into account and engaging with issues concerning sexuality and poverty when reflecting on the construction of Christian faith and identity. They represent Liberation Theology in motion: dynamic, unsettling, still struggling with orthodoxy while engaging in the broad struggle for justice that includes sexual justice. This is the paperback edition of a ground-breaking book by one of the UK's most interesting theologians of the current generation. 158398 Marcella Althaus-Reid, ed.

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