Letters from Samaria: The Prose & Poetry of Louie Crew Clay

by Louie Crew Clay;Max Niedzwiecki;

Letters from Samaria: The Prose & Poetry of Louie Crew Clay
Publication date: 2015-11-01
Number of pages: 176
ISBN: 9780819232199
Letters from Samaria gathers together much of Louie (Crew) Clays best and most inuential prose and poetry, written from 1974 until the present day, including an essay composed especially for the volume. Much of the material has not appeared since its original publication in newsletters and other ephemeral sources. It is crisply written and often surprising for its bravery, matter-of-fact self-disclosure, insight, and love. Louie played a pivotal role in transforming The Episcopal Church and, indeed, Christianity over the past 40 years. This collection provides a window into Louie Clays unlikely and at times shocking ministry throughout the years as history was unfolding. For LGBTQ Christians and their allies across denominations, those interested in the history of acceptance, fans of Louie Clays writing 196803 Louie Crew Clay;Max Niedzwiecki;, Louie Crew Clay
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