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Led into Mystery: Faith Seeking Answers in Life and Death

by John W. de Gruchy; , John de Gruchy

Led into Mystery: Faith Seeking Answers in Life and Death
Publication date: 2013-06-01
Number of pages: 256
ISBN: 9780334047360
Led into Mystery is an unanticipated sequel to John de Gruchy's book Being Human: Confessions of a Christian Humanist. It was prompted by the untimely and tragic death of his eldest son, Steve, in February 2010, and the questions this posed about the meaning of life and death from the perspective of Christian faith. A further prompt came as a result of a multi-disciplinary research project on “the humanist imperative in South Africa” (2009-2010). This raised critical questions about being human from the perspective of science, especially neuroscience, as well as other faith and secular perspectives. All these inform the discussion which is an exploration of mystery on the boundaries of human knowledge and experience, engagement with the world and the evolution of consciousness from a specifically Christian theological perspective.John W. de Gruchy;, John de Gruchy

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