Keep Your Kids Catholic

by Marc Cardaronella;

Keep Your Kids Catholic
Publication date: 2016-05-20
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781594716058

Many Catholic parents are tempted to leave the religious education and spiritual formation of their children up to their parish or Catholic school. Professional catechist, popular blogger, and father of two, Marc Cardaronella has a passionate plea for those parents: be your child’s primary educator in the faith by what you do and say. This practical guide gives parents what they need to be a bigger partner in handing on the faith to their children by creating a faith-nurturing environment at home.

When Marc Cardaronella started his job as a catechist, he could empathize with parents who came to him to talk about how their now-grown children had left the Church because he had been there: Despite years of religious education and regular Mass attendance, Cardaronella never really practiced his faith. He fell away from the Church right after his Confirmation and stayed away for twenty years. Now it’s his mission to equip families like yours to hand on your faith.

His passionate message is that the kind of faith formation children need is not taught in standard religious education classes and probably never will be. Cardaronella is on a quest to help you fill the gaps by first strengthening your own faith—opening your heart to God, practicing trust, clearing away obstacles to God’s grace, and creating regular prayer and study routines at home. He gives you the tools to pass that faith on to your kids and make it stick by teaching you how to pray with your children consistently, about adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, the power of the Examen prayer, and how to motivate your kids to be engaged in parish life and Christian outreach.

Keep Your Kids Catholic offers equal shares of inspiration, challenge, and practical advice. Each chapter includes Reflect, Pray, and Live sections to help you integrate Cardaronella’s message into family life.

Features & Benefits

  • Marc Cardaronella is a successful religious education leader at both the parish and diocesan levels. He is a popular blogger and writes on a variety of topics related to evangelization and catechesis.
  • Compact, practical, field-tested, and affordable, the book is perfect for busy parents and for bulk purchases by Catholic parishes wanting to support parents as primary educators in the faith.

Marc Cardaronella is director of the Bishop Helmsing Institute for Faith Formation at the Diocese of Kansas City–St. Joseph, Missouri. He served as director of religious education at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Champaign, Illinois, 2002–2014 and was a US Navy aviator 1988–1999. Cardaronella grew up Catholic, but stopped practicing his faith after eighth grade. After a series of what he calls “strange events,” he was reintroduced to the faith of his youth and found meaning, purpose, and truth.

He has a bachelor’s degree (with honors) in theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he also earned a master’s degree (summa cum laude) in theology and Christian ministry with a specialization in catechetics. Cardaronella and his wife, Shannon, have two sons and live in Kansas City.

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