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Jewish Spiritual Parenting

Jewish Spiritual Parenting

s children’s lives increasingly move online, parents struggle with the inevitable challenge: How do we help cultivate and stay a part of our children’s inner lives, gaining direct insight into their hearts and minds? This lively, practical handbook is a window into distinctive parenting methods that enable children to discover gratitude, hope, joy and meaning. It also helps parents and children develop the communication tools to share and celebrate their spirituality with their family and community. Chock full of ideas that are at once imaginative yet anchored in Jewish tradition, it offers parents, grandparents, teachers and anyone who interacts with children creative first steps and next steps to make the Jewish holidays and every day engaging and inspiring. Readers learn to capitalize on car talk, frapp chats and bedtime rituals to unlock a child’s spirit and soul. Admitting that parenting is exhausting, readers are encouraged to forgive themselves for their imperfections and to laugh at the messiness of raising children. With generous doses of humor and accessible illustrations from real life, Jewish Spiritual Parenting guides parents to embrace the work and wisdom of spiritual growth and in so doing make family life immensely rewarding and deeply fulfilling.Rabbi Paul Kipnes;Michelle November;
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