Introducing Meister Eckhart

by Michael Demkovich, OP

Introducing Meister Eckhart
Publication date: 2005-06-08
Number of pages: 184
ISBN: 9782895075974

Who was Meister Eckhart? Does he have anything to say to modern readers?

Michael Demkovich presents the prophetic life and controversial work of this fourteenth-century Dominican friar and mystic who continues to appear in current works of Buddhist, New Age and traditional Christian writers. Demkovich unravels this medieval author's modern legacy by taking readers back to the core of what Meister Eckhart wrote and taught.

This is a book that bridges contemporary spiritual searching with the forgotten practices of the Middle Ages. The book begins with a biography, followed by an explanation of Meister Eckhart's teaching on the Soul. In the final section the reader is presented with Eckhart's spirituality through a series of words and visual images -precisely the way Meister Eckhart taught during his lifetime.

With illustrations by ROBERT STAES, OP

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