Intercultural Theology: Approaches and Themes

by Mark J. Cartledge , David Cheetham

Intercultural Theology: Approaches and Themes
Publication date: 2011-02-25
Number of pages: 196
ISBN: 9780334043515
Intercultural Theology offers a set of groundbreaking essays that describe the nature of intercultural theology as a domain of theology that pays particular attention to the identity of non-western forms of Christianity in dialogue with western forms. It is theological discourse engaged in multi-disciplinary dialogue and therefore uses the insights from historical, socio-cultural, inter-religious and empirical studies. Intercultural theology is a development from previous discussions within mission studies, contextual theology, studies in world Christianity and Third World theology.The contributors to the book are key thinkers in the field of theology and culture in the UK. The book will be usable as a key text for modules in intercultural theology, mission studies and Pentecostal Studies at undergraduate level 3 and M level. 168520 Mark J. Cartledge, David Cheetham, Mark Catledge and David Cheetham
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