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In the Beginning: Illustrated Stories From the Old Testament

Stories from the Old Testament have never been so engagingly presented. Each of these 35 stories is creatively told through acclaimed illustrator Serge Bloch's art – so seemingly simple, and yet so full of emotion and action! – and through accessible and eloquent prose that poet Cole Swenson has translated from the text of French biblical expert Frédéric Boyer. 

Such powerful simplicity takes time and, lacking God's speed, illustrator Serge Bloch and writer Frédéric Boyer spent many years collaborating on In the Beginning. Together they have created a resource introducing readers to the most famous Judeo-Christian stories while offering wisdom for a modern, secular world. It is also a piece of art – a beautiful book that encourages all readers regardless of age or faith to rediscover the ancient truths found within the Bible.

In the Beginning has just been selected for the prestigious 2017 Society of Illustrators Original Art Show.

Take a look at some of the beautiful artwork by clicking on the images to the left!


Publication Date: October 2017

Number of Pages: 520

ISBN: 9781452165936