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I'm God; You're Not: Observations on Organized Religion & Other Disguises of the Ego

by Lawrence Kushner , Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

I'm God; You're Not: Observations on Organized Religion & Other Disguises of the Ego
Publication date: 2012-04-01
Number of pages: 242
ISBN: 9781580235136

Flashes of insight―surprising, entertaining, inspiring―from one of the most creative spiritual thinkers in America.

"The goal of all spiritual life is to get your ego out of the way―outwit the sucker; dissolve it; shoot it; kill it. Silence the incessant planning, organizing, running, manipulating, possessing, and processing that are the ineluctable redoubts of the ego. Not because these activities are bad or wrong or even narcissistic … but because they preclude awareness of the Divine. To paraphrase the Talmud, God says, 'There ain't room enough in this here world for your ego and Me. You pick.'"
―from the Introduction

Tapping the experiences and wisdom of his career as a spiritual leader, Lawrence Kushner delights, surprises, challenges and inspires us. With his signature candor, wit and compassion, he helps us reconnect with the why and how of our spiritual lives. He encourages us to find new perspectives on the "life-stuff" that shapes them, and gently reminds us of the Source of it All.

These inspiring―often startling―insights will warm you during the dark times of your own doubts even as they brighten your quest for meaning, faith, identity, community―and holiness.

183850 Lawrence Kushner, Rabbi Lawrence Kushner

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