How to Love Again

by John Monbourquette;

How to Love Again
Publication date: 2001-01-01
Number of pages: 168
ISBN: 9782895071808

From his long experience counselling individuals on their long journey from grief to growth, Monbourquette has identified the stages of this process and guides us on a healing journey through it.

This is a newly revised edition of his bestselling To Love Again.

John Monbourquette is a Canadian publishing phenomenon! His books have been published internationally in nine different languages. In 2001, Novalis has launched four of his bestsellers in English Canada. Each book concentrates on practical techniques for dealing with the common crises in people's lives.

A university professor and professional counsellor, Monbourquette's professional and personal experience alike have shown him that psychology without spirituality is shallow in its understanding of human nature.

His bestseller to date, To Love Again: Finding Comfort and Meaning in Times of Grief, has sold over 175,000 copies.

Priest and counsellor John Monbourquette is one of Canada's most sought-after authors and conference presenters. He has a large international following.

Also by John Monbourquette from Novalis: Self-Esteem and the Soul: From Psychology to Spirituality.

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