How to be a Mindful Christian

by Sally Welch;

How to be a Mindful Christian
Publication date: 2016-02-08
ISBN: 9781848258457
This introduction to Christian mindfulness offers a practical guide to mindfulness as a way of Christian living.
It brings together the popular practice of mindfulness and the Christian spiritual disciplines such as prayer and contemplation. The result is a pocket spiritual companion that will deepen awareness of the sacred in daily life and of the presence of God moment by moment.
Over forty days, examples of mindfulness in the Old and New Testaments are examined, each one accompanied by a practical exercise for incorporating mindfulness into everyday life. Mindfulness is explored through six themes – silence, sound, smell, sight, touch and taste.
Also included are Bible passages and exercises for mindfulness for Holy Week and Easter Sunday, enabling us to enter more deeply into the passion that lies at the very heart of our faith, plus a section on conducting a mindful pilgrimage. 199867 Sally Welch;, Sally Welch
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