How Did I Get to be 70 When I'm 35 Inside?

by Linda Douty

How Did I Get to be 70 When I'm 35 Inside?
Publication date: 2011-04-20
Number of pages: 196
ISBN: 9781594732973

Our culture is experiencing an exploding population of seniors who are living longer and better. They're getting plenty of how-to advice about battling the aging process--eat like a bird, exercise like an athlete, nip and tuck like a starlet, stay busy and don't stop. This book is different; it says stop! Slow down to reflect on the desire for meaning that is a natural part of later life. Have the courage and curiosity to focus on the inner changes in the aging process that fuel the outer experience so that you can make wise choices about how you want to live this part of life.

Based on dozens of interviews in this age demographic, this engaging guide to later life provides information, inspiration and humor shared by thoughtful elders to help you greet these years as the grand adventure they can be. Contributors speak honestly about the challenges of coping with losses, as well as the delight of becoming comfortable in one's own skin. From dealing with "body betrayal" to clarifying what really matters, they explore transformative questions that can help you acknowledge and appreciate a deepening spirituality that comes in your advancing years: 

  • What has surprised you most about getting older? 
  • What have you discovered about yourself that you didn't already know? 
  • How has your faith journey affected the process? 
  • How have your beliefs in God and the afterlife changed?  

Unlike other authors, spiritual director Linda Douty discusses the challenges and surprises of aging by talking about how you actually feel, not what you're supposed to feel. In a warm, down-to-earth voice, she offers a spiritually grounded method to adjust to the unexpected as you grow older. There is no one-size-fits-all here, but a variety of responses to the inner and outer transformations of aging and new ways of looking at them. She looks at surprises, welcome and unwelcome, concerning:

• Self-image • The physical body • Relationships • Spiritual life

Questions for reflecting on who you are in this period of your life—or who you would like to be—will help you live each day more purposefully and joyfully.

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