History and Politics of Latin American Theology

by Mario Aguilar , Mario I. Aguilar

History and Politics of Latin American Theology
Publication date: 2008-05-30
Number of pages: 242
ISBN: 9780334041771
In this final volume of his trilogy on ""The History and Politics of Latin American Theology"", Mario Aguilar explores how the Church and individual theologians have adapted to the change from the centre to the periphery. Mario Aguilar investigates how theologians in Latin America interact with processes of globalization, secularization, the struggle for equality and climate change. He suggests that the periphery as a place of theologizing is central to tackling problems in society. This final volume of the trilogy maps out Aguilar's own theology of the periphery and combines his own experience with his profound knowledge of the history of Latin American Liberation Theology in the twentieth and early twenty-first century. Aguilar's trilogy offers an unprecedented overview and critique of one of the most important theological movements of the twentieth century.Mario Aguilar, Mario I. Aguilar