Here I Sit

by Rene Fumoleau

Here I Sit
Publication date: 2004-11-30
Number of pages: 232
ISBN: 9782895075813

For Rene Fumoleau, no place is immune to the Spirit's presence. This collection of poems and stories makes that clear. Oblate priest, poet, photographer, and resident with the Dene people for 50 years, Rene Fumoleau opens a treasure trove of accessible wisdom.

These writings invite the reader into a journey of self-discovery. In the beauty of creation, in the pangs of conscience, in the pain and joy of human life, one grows into the freedom of truly being oneself. With irony and wit, the poet points to the power of Life over Death as the mysterious basis of experience itself.

Neither pious nor sentimental, Here I Sit will speak to those both inside and outside the church. Priests, the homeless, bureaucrats and bingo players all encounter the humour, compassion, and discerning eye of Rene Fumoleau.

Throughout, he chronicles the Dene way of life in vivid images and penetrating stories that challenge readers, especially those outside the culture, to fuller ways of living and loving.

Long a legend in the North, Rene Fumoleau was born in France and came to northern Canada as an Oblate priest in 1953. He has chronicled the Dene way of life in his poems, stories, films, and photographs. In 1975 Rene Fumoleau was brought to national attention by his critically acclaimed study of native treaties in Canada, As Long As This Land Shall Last. He is the author of Way Down North: Dene Land, Dene People (Novalis 2010).

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