Happiness and Holiness (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)


Happiness and Holiness (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)
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ISBN: 9781853117893
The 17th century writer Thomas Traherne is increasingly being recognised and studied as a theologian as well as a poet. The discovery, in 1997, announced by the author of this volume, of five new prose works and a poetic work has given huge impetus to the study of Traherne in literature and theology. This affordable, concise introduction to Traherne's life and work concerns Traherne primarily as a theologian and places him in an historical and intellectual context he has thus far lacked. It demonstrates his distinctive contribution to Anglican theology. Consisting of a 10,000 word introductory essay and biography it is followed by extracts from Traherne's work under the following headings: Creatures and Powers, Holiness and Happiness, Sin and Salvation, Christian Liberty, Advice on Ministry, and Prayers. 100939 Denise Inge, ed., Denise Inge, Thomas Traherne

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