by Joan Chittister , Carl and Peabody, Francis G. Hilty

Publication date: 2011-08-15
Number of pages: 248
ISBN: 9782896464333
Everyone wants to be happy, yet many wrongly believe that happiness comes from having enough money, fame, personal comfort, worldly success, or even dumb luck. Happiness seems to be an elusive, arbitrary thing — something, all too often, just out of reach. Best-selling author Joan Chittister sees happiness differently — as a personal quality to be learned, mastered, and fearlessly wielded. In Happiness she embarks on a “great happiness dig” through sociology, biology, neurology, psychology, philosophy, history, and world religions to develop “an archaeology of happiness.” Sifting through the wisdom of the ages, Chittister offers inspiring insights that will help seekers everywhere cultivate true and lasting happiness within themselves.Joan Chittister, Carl and Peabody, Francis G. Hilty
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