Habit of Holiness

by Martin Warner

Habit of Holiness
Publication date: 2005-12-05
Number of pages: 200
ISBN: 9780819281401
In these days when people think they reach God by running faster, here is a book to redress the balance. Fr Martin Warner is the Anglican Warden of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, the Marian Shrine in England loved and visited equally by both Roman Catholics and Anglicans. In a world of noise and turbulence, here is a book to encourage the habit of private prayer, meditation and devotion. Without sentimentality and in plain speech, the book is designed to encourage Christians in an age less confident about devotional practices. It consists of devotions from many traditions covering morning prayer, mid-day prayer,evening prayer, compline, prayers in the night, Sunday and mid-week prayer; then Devotions to the Trinity, to the Saints, and occasional prayers. The concept and scheme of this book is intentionally traditional but it is very appealing for contemporary use.
Martin Warner