Godly Play Fall Parent Pages


Godly Play Fall Parent Pages
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Send children home each week with interactive pages to share the fun learning experience with the whole family. Each season offers 14 send-along papers that give a brief overview of the day's presentation, an illustrated retelling of the biblical story and information to help parents better understand Godly Play. Each paper also includes "wondering" questions to draw family into conversations of everyday life and faith.

Parent Pages for Fall Exercises for Orientation Session, Circle of the Church Year, Holy Family, Days of Creation, Flood and the Ark, Great Family, Exodus, Ten Best Ways, Ark and the Tent, Ark and the Temple, Exile and Return, The Prophets, Jonah the Backward Prophet, and Books of the Bible.

The Fall Parent Pages coordinates with The Complete Guide to Godly Play Volume 2.

115140 Jerome Berryman, Jerome W. Berryman

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