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God With Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships

by Anne Robertson , Rev. Anne Robertson

God With Skin On: Finding God's Love in Human Relationships
Publication date: 2009-04-01
Number of pages: 147
ISBN: 9780819223111

You may be the only Jesus some people ever meet! Suppose that the 2:00 am feeding of your infant daughter was not just meeting a physical need but also was teaching her that God’s provision could be trusted? And suppose her cries for succor were also teaching you to respond to the cries of Jesus when he presents himself as “the least of these”?

Based on the Great Commandment, this book examines relationships common to us all―those of intimacy, authority, rivalry, and otherness― and shows how learning to love within those relationships affects our relationship with God.

Supported by biblical examples and references to psychological studies, this book examines all our basic relationships―family relationships, relationships with authority figures, friends and enemies, companion animals, even virtual relationships―to show how learning to love within those relationships is truly divine work.

In a culture where relationships are often divisive and exploitative, and where the call to love enemies often seems impractical, this book offers the reminder that every relationship provides an opportunity to love God in the other and to be “God with skin on” for that person in return.

Anne Robertson, Rev. Anne Robertson