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God, Where Are You? (Voices from the Monastery)

by Enzo Bianchi; , Enzo Bianchi

God, Where Are You? (Voices from the Monastery)
Publication date: 2014-09-01
Number of pages: 160
ISBN: 9781612615745
“God, where are you?” This has been the cry of humankind since time began, and Enzo Bianchi finds God’s traces in the searching of significant figures from the Old Testament. We are challenged to question our own certainties like Abraham, suffer torment like Jacob, or falter and become discouraged in the face of a daunting task like Moses. The search for God involves exploring what is profoundly human, and ultimately the greatest manifestation of humanity is to be found in the figure of Christ. That is why we cannot think of God today without turning our minds to Jesus. It is the divine within us who really poses the question, “God, where are you?”, so, when we truly begin to search for an answer, we discover that God is already looking for us!
Enzo Bianchi

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