God Thought of You


God Thought of You
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ISBN: 9780819219879
"Before God created the world You were in God's mind. God thought of you and loved you From the beginning. Before God created the world God knew that You would be a child of God." --from God Thought of You What child could resist hearing the story of the joy with which God created the world--the light, dark, animals, and more--and especially the children. Mark Bozzuti-Jones's beautiful text, and Jennifer Haywood's colorful and lively illustrations teach children that they are the light of the world and a friend of Gods, a child who will care for the planet and all that God created. Each child is a sign of God's love, loved by her parents, and a reminder to all of us, writes Bozzuti-Jones, that we are all created as children of the living God. 112060 Bozzuti-Jones & Haywood, Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones, Jennifer Johnson Haywood

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