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God the What?: What Our Metaphors for God Reveal about Our Beliefs in God

by Carolyn Bohler , Carolyn Jane Bohler

God the What?: What Our Metaphors for God Reveal about Our Beliefs in God
Publication date: 2008-10-01
Number of pages: 192
ISBN: 9781594732515

Challenge our common images of God by blowing the lid off conventional God-descriptors.

"We do not have to let go of one sense of God to take up another. Neither do we need to go about challenging old metaphors. What is crucial is to find a metaphor―or two, or six―that creatively point toward what we believe."
―from Chapter 1

Let Carolyn Jane Bohler inspire you to consider a wide range of images of God in order to refine how you imagine God to have and use power, and how God wills and makes divine will happen―or not. By tapping into your God-given ability to re-imagine God, you will have a better understanding of your own beliefs and how you, God and the world relate to each other.

Wonderfully fresh and down to earth, Bohler uses playful images, moving stories and solid scholarship to empower you to break free of old habits and assumptions, whatever your faith tradition. She encourages you to explore new names for God that are not only more consistent with what you believe, but will also deepen and expand your experience of God. Think about …

  • God the Choreographer of Chaos
  • God the Nursing Mother
  • God the Jazz Band Leader
  • God the Divine Blacksmith
  • God the Divine Physical Therapist
  • God the Team Transformer
  • … and more

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