God: From Knowing to Experience

by Ramón Martínez de Pisón

God: From Knowing to Experience
Publication date: 2009-10-15
Number of pages: 158
ISBN: 9782896461493

"Experience" is the ultimate currency today. Even Christian communities are rediscovering the importance of sharing their feelings, their experiences of life: going beyond the fact of simply living together under the same roof or believing in the same doctrine. Nowadays, we are invited to make a shift from knowing God to experiencing God.

As we learn to experience God, we discover three things: God is deeply engaged in the process of our becoming fully human; only by letting go of our possessive tendencies can we discover this liberating Presence that invites us to become full and free human beings; and we can experience God and the other in a new way when we are engaged in transforming the world and establishing a more respectful partnership with creation.

Ramón Martínez de Pisón is a professor in the Faculty of Theology at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. He holds doctorates in theology and psychology. A Roman Catholic priest, he is a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate. He has published several books and scholarly articles on Christian anthropology, death and life beyond death, shame and suicide, and religion and violence.

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