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Gobsmacked: Daily Devotions for Advent

Gobsmacked: Daily Devotions for Advent

you came a tiny vulnerable baby lungs screaming for life, fingers grasping for something to hold on to, your whole being completely depending on us (!) to feed you change you clothe you protect you love you and we were gobsmacked. For several years now, pastor/poet Thom Shuman has written daily devotions for Advent, sending them out through his popular blogs and books. In this collection of readings for the four weeks of Advent, Thom introduces us to, among others, 'Dusty the Church Dog', Mr Pete the 'Drum man', and to his son, Teddy, and wife, Bonnie. In this collection Mary, the mother of Jesus, goes for a contemplative skate on a frozen pond where 'praises piggyback until her soul topples over', and John the Baptist tries to explain his purpose to a very perplexed Senator and chairman of the board. These are personal and universal, imaginative and biblically rooted reflections. 'Reading one of Thom's books is like walking and talking with a friend. Someone who understands the fragility and failings of being human (and himself) but who continues to laugh, and to hope and work for the coming of the Light. I can't think of a better companion to journey through Advent with.' - Neil PaynterThom Shuman, Thom Schuman
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