Game Plan: Practical Wisdom for the College Experience

by VOID , ,

Game Plan: Practical Wisdom for the College Experience
Publication date: 2012-03-01
Number of pages: 164
ISBN: 9781612611112
College is a time of discovery. Are you ready for what lies ahead?

How will your faith fare when you enter the new wide world of college – leaving behind the safety of home, community, and church? Drawing on their own experiences and years of ministry to young men and women during this transition, Nic and Syler provide a game plan you can follow to survive and thrive in your new environment.

“Game Plan has the potential to equip our college students (and soon to be college students) with an anchored, informed, buoyant love for God that can breathe through every corner of their lives.” -Mark DeVries, president of Youth Ministry Architects and author of Sustainable Youth Ministry

“This wise, straight-talking book offers much practical advice on the many challenges that Christian students face when they step onto the university campus. I highly recommend it.” -Paul Copan, Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University

“Get this book into the hands of your college bound students and children! Too many students go off to college unprepared to face the spiritual, moral, intellectual and practical challenges they will face and I see the negative effects in their lives on campus. With practical wisdom and real life stories, this book hits all the big topics a young student needs to not just survive college but mature and grow a dynamic Christian walk.” -R. Shannon Marion, National Field Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

“For every student headed to college, this is a must-read. Gibson and Thomas have written a practical, spiritual, timely book that addresses real concerns of those who are continuing their education at a college or university, secular or faith-based.” -Bishop Larry M. Goodpaster, President, Council of Bishops, The United Methodist Church
;, Nic Gibson, Syler Thomas
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