Forty-four Sermons to Serve the Present Age


Forty-four Sermons to Serve the Present Age
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ISBN: 9780716206316
John Wesley's "Forty-four Sermons" are a spiritual classic which continues to inspire Christians throughout the world. Not only are they are said to contain the heart of Wesley's theology and to represent the extent of his commitment to the evangelical faith, they are also the source of a tradition of preaching and doing theology which is a central part of world Christianity. This unique collection of sermons from Methodist preachers and leaders from around the world allows us to see how the great themes and texts of John Wesley's "Forty-four Sermons" are being adapted and reinterpreted to speak to the global context of the expanding world parish. At a time when power-point presentations seem to be calling the art of preaching into question, the book demonstrates the value of a well crafted sermon and the creative potential inherent in the traditions of world Methodism. 152820 Shier-Jones & Reisman, eds., Angela Shier-Jones, Kim Dunnam Reissmann, editors, Dion A. Forster

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