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Finding Jesus, Discovering Self: Passages to Healing and Wholeness

by Goldman & Dols , Caren Goldman, William Dols

Finding Jesus, Discovering Self: Passages to Healing and Wholeness
Publication date: 2006-01-01
ISBN: 9780819221995
As we meet Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel narratives, we come face to face with our own deepest selves. Finding Jesus, Discovering Self, invites readers to see Jesus with new eyes and then explore, know, experience, and live questions about how 2000-year-old stories and events happen in the world and in our lives today.

Each chapter focuses upon a passage from the Gospels. A narrative by one of the authors recalls a personal experience reflecting the ancient text. Questions to which there are no "right" answers offer multi-dimensional opportunities to explore the stories and wonder.

Contemporary poetry and prose open new doors to meeting Jesus as a first century Jew and discovering creative, compelling, and challenging possibilities for one's own story, self, and relationship to God.

Written by a Jewish author and an Episcopal priest, Finding Jesus, Discovering Self is a perfect volume for personal reflection or group study.Goldman & Dols, Caren Goldman, William Dols