Faithful Cities


Faithful Cities
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ISBN: 9781858523156
What makes a good city? In seeking to answer that question, this successor to the 1985 landmark publication, Faith in the City, examines the dramatic changes in the nature of urban life that have taken place in the last 20 years. It looks at issues of religious and cultural diversity, poverty and prosperity, and the affects of globalization, which has brought not only riches and opportunities to communities but also fear, racial tension and the tendency to treat neighbours as strangers. Searching for the soul of our cities and what makes for the well-being of their inhabitants, the report argues for regeneration that is grounded in a vision of justice and human dignity. Recognizing religious faith as one of the richest and most enduring sources of dynamism and hope for the cities, it calls upon government to work with churches, congregations and faith-based communities to reduce the gap between rich and poor, to combat racism and tolerance at all levels, and to create a flourishing society in which all are valued. 122968 N/A, Commission on Urban Life and Faith

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