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Faith and Science Matters (EBOOK VERSION)

Faith and Science Matters (EBOOK VERSION)

A consideration of the interrelationship between faith and science that illustrates the potential fruitful partnership between the two on contemporary issues. Confronting misconceptions surrounding Catholic thought on various scientific developments, this collection of essays by leading scholars and educators helps us to understand Catholic teaching. Clear explanations offer us insights and ways to share the wealth of Church teaching on cosmology, creation, evolution, bioethics, ecology and technology. Each chapter provides a brief scientific explanation of these topics and draws from Church documents and Catholic writers to help us grasp Church teaching. Critical challenges at the end of each essay offer concrete examples of dilemmas proposed by science and ways to rethink the issues. Teachers, religious educators and those intrigued by the dialogue between faith and science will discover a wealth of material in this book for discussion and further consideration for their schools and parishes. Rather than being left mystified by the perceived complexity of the discussion, they will discover clear and lucid explanations of these heated topics. Faith and Society Series The Faith and Society Series tackles the burning questions of our times and shows Christianity's relevance to the many challenges of today's culture.editor; ;Michael O'Hearn
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