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Everybody Welcome: Leader's Manual

by Jackson & Fisher , Bob Jackson

Everybody Welcome: Leader's Manual
Publication date: 2011-10-27
ISBN: 9780715141908
"Everybody Welcome" is the complete course to transform your church by improving your approach to newcomers. Believing that welcoming is a ministry for every member of the church, it offers guidance for your entire congregation and will help every individual play their part. Based on principles universal to every church, "Everybody Welcome" is for every church-going Christian who believes that belonging to their church is good for others as well as themselves. When used in conjunction with the course DVD, "Everybody Welcome" will: help every individual in your church to have a welcoming approach to newcomers; provide an opportunity to identify priorities for decision and practical change; and, create a context for setting up a specialist Welcome Team, whose specialist ministry is to help people from initial contact with the church through to becoming contributing members.Jackson & Fisher, Bob Jackson