Evangelism in a Spiritual Age (Explorations)


Evangelism in a Spiritual Age (Explorations)
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ISBN: 9780715140543
Based on extensive research, Evangelism in a Spiritual Age takes a detailed look at the spirituality of people beyond the fringe of the Church and offers insightful responses to how the Church might address the issue of evangelism in the twenty-first century.

Topics include:

Big questions people are asking;
How people view Christians and the Church;
Listening – its vital importance;
Achievable ideas for the local church;
General trends in spirituality and creative evangelism;
and The community as a key to contemporary evangelism

This timely and practical book enables all those interested in evangelism to understand the spirituality of people who don’t go to Church and to communicate the gospel more effectively. 140996 N/A, Yvonne Richmond, Nick Spencer, Rob Frost, Anne Richards, Mark Ireland, Steven Croft

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